Mono is a collection composed for utilitarian objects for the contemporary world, whose material composition joined by a single color creates in each of its pieces a monochrome camouflage.

Through the Mono collection, the Cooperativa dives into a complex exploration of simultaneous dialogues between different materials, expressing all under the same language: the color. Thus, Mono becomes Panoramica’s first exercise in giving such a privileged position to this aspect of an object expression, the color.

In some of Mono’s cases, the color is naturally generated by the material’s raw presentation, such as the marble. In others, the color is the result of interventions by the hand of man, either at the manufacturing process (Corian and glass) or under a more artisanal and manual exercise, as is the wood of oak.

Mono’s materials are characterized by its diversity and existing difference between each other; the synthetic’s uniformity, the randomness of the mineral and nature’s warmth are in this series of objects that exalt these qualities. 

MONO Mirror
The diverse surfaces used in this mirror are intended to create different reflections and different views on what it is observed. This composition starts, from top to bottom, with a synthetic material, marble and mirror, ending with a mini shelf bounded by the same thickness of the wood.

Dimensions: Diameter 250mm/12” Depth: 60mm /4.5” 

MONO Clock
The cover face of this wall clock is fractionated by four different materials; In clockwise order, wood, glass, a synthetic material and marble make up each quarter-hour clock division, showing us as a final result four different facades.

Dimensions: Diameter 150mm /12” 

MONO Bench
Supported by a sturdy wooden structure, a number of different materials get together allowing to experience by firsthand the coldness and opulence of marble, the maturity and warmth of wood, and the complexity and coherence of synthetic materials.

Dimensions: L: 1190mm/47” H:420mm/16 1/2” W: 400mm /15 3/4”