In our first brief, Panorámica analyzes the true value in a variety of everyday materials, such as basalt stone, terrazzo, copper and glass, usually unnoticed by the contemporary urban dweller. All of these materials commonly found in objects considered normal and ordinary, but with a high functional value for its physical qualities.  

We believe that is possible to generate a new identity for these noble and sincere materials that join us in our everyday life, through a collection of objects, that exalt the unique beauty of their “materiality”.

Our products are designed  as a means of expression, on a critical, inclusive and diverse way by a selective group of designers, and manufactured in México by a network of independent craftsmen and workshops. 

PM 01. Basalt

Panorámica creates a series of objects using Basalt Stone as their main material. This type of stone is commonly found in Molcajetes, a traditional mortar used to prepare the famous Mexican Salsas.

PM 02. Glass

Glass has functional,expressive and symbolic values hard to found in other materials. Glass allow us to display and protect what is precious for us, in an elegant and meaningful way. What is not more precious as food?  Panorámica appropriate these qualities of glass by creating products directly that storage and display our most precious objects.

PM 03. Metal

For the collection in Metal, Panorámica created a dialog between a highly polished-precious looking finishes (cooper) and a raw,l utilitarian finish (powder coating). Panorámica aims this dialogue, re-evaluating the value of the shape of an object against the apparent material it shows.

PM 04. Terrazzo

Terrazzo, a mix of concrete, stone and granite, is commonly found at backyards as a laundry unit, where people wash clothes by hand. Panorámica brings this material out of the backyard for it to be seen and used in the open.


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