Manifesto and Values

Cooperativa Panorámica is a group of Mexican designers who explore new creative territories, through specific exercises that interpret diverse perspectives and ideas.

Panorámica uses design as a means of expression in a critical, inclusive and diverse way.

The Cooperative is currently composed by Joel Escalona, Jorge Diego Etienne, José de la O, Ian Ortega and Moisés Hernández. Who individually work in cultural and commercial entrepreneurship, dissemination, academia, creative consulting and industrial design both nationally and internationally. Together, its members add countless collaborations in exhibitions and design projects with cultural and industrial links, as well as specialized publications around the world.

Panorámica develops projects that become means of expression that encourage criticism and inclusion, designing to change situations and encourage conversation and enriching exchange of ideas. Panorámica seeks to enhance dialogue, experimentation and collaborative projects.

At Panorámica, we use design as a means of critical, inclusive and diverse expression.

We work according to seven core values:



Panorámica will take action as a whole, to solve common problems and adversity among its members.


All members are equal in rights and duties, as well as fair distribution of the benefits generated by Panorámica. No one is above anyone.


Each member of Panorámica can decide for themselves what they consider best for their own interest.


The fulfillment of activities and goal achieving is taken as a moral commitment by between the members of Panorámica.


Express Panorámica’s motivation and willpower to achieve the goals established, driven individually.


To support and cooperate in solving collective problems, as well as promoting the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and commitment to others.


Decision-making is collective and inclusive. As well as the distribution of activities and responsibilities.