Casa Wabi

Panorámica participated in a residence in Casa Wabi where we developed a multidisciplinary project that involves both the world of arts and design, as well as the communities in Oaxaca.


Fundación Casa Wabi is an interdisciplinary art center whose purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, between national and international artists and designers from various disciplines. The facilities are in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca and were designed and constructed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The project is ran by Bosco Sodi, Mexican artist living in New York, and Patricia Martín, former curator of Colección Jumex.

Ian Ortega_Color.jpg

“We want projects that allow both the artists and the local residents to share experiences.” Said Patricia Martín for the article wrote on Casa Wabi for The New York Times on April 2015.


Casa Wabi offers artistic residency programs strongly linked to social and cultural programs, and on this occasion, we participated during an intense week from August 31st to September 6th.