Cooperativa Panorámica (Panorámica Cooperative)

Panorámica Cooperative is a group of young Mexican designers exploring new design territories. In a true cooperative effort, we work on specific design exercises that interpret various perspectives and rationalities about design.

At Panoramica, we use design as a means of expression, critically, inclusive and diverse. 

 We work according to seven core values:


  • Panorámica will take action as a whole, to solve common problems and adversity among it’s members.
  • Express Panoramica’s motivation and will power to achieve the goals established, driven individually.
  • The fulfillment of activities and goal achieving is taken as a moral commitment by between the members of Panorámica,
  • Decision making is collective and inclusive. As well as  the distribution of activities and responsibilities.


  • All members are equal in rights and duties, as well as fair distribution of the benefits generated by Panorámica. No one is above anyone.
  • Each member of Panorámica can decide for themselves what they consider best for their own interest.
  • To support and cooperate in solving collective problems, as well as promoting the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and commitment to others.